Sunday, October 6, 2013

Woooo! i love life! (Sept 30)

So this week we moved houses to this super nice apartment that is now on the 3rd floor not the fifth thank goodness. we`re living with 2 other sisters now that are in the sector next door and are in a different ward. my companion and i found this house when we were looking for our investigator. seriously soooo nice. im living the high life! haha. well i dont know if its just becuase ive lived here for 5 months(crazy right?? my fifth month birthday was this tuesday! we celebrated with a cake fight.), or maybe cuz it really is sooo nice. like brand new and we have our own kitchen. i love it! dont ever worry about my living conditions mom!(until i have a transfer...but i dont think thats going to happen for a WHILE). so thanks for all the prayers. God loves me. :)

we traveled to a little town called Abancay this week. i love this calling because I get to see how the other parts of the mission are like and how the other sisters work and their unique talents and abilities. Abancay is like a living on a mountain side, the sisters have to walk up a hill that is literally a 90 degree angle. ok literally, no, but thats how it felt k? my comp and i took a taxi up it haha. I feel like my spanish was better this time, and i really felt like I helped the sisters and we did good. I love following the spirit, and strengthening their area and teaching them. The Lord blesses us with the abilities we need to fulfill what he has called us to do. He will never leave us alone, unlike Satan who always will.

This morning i was reflectioning on the story of the tree of life and the large and spacious building. how the world teaches how appealing being selfish is and all the things that WE want and how pride is cool. but in the end it will always fall, but with Christ and eating of the fruit patiently little by little he will make us more. One thing that both Hermana Swartz and Hermana Martinez taught me so well before they left was that you have to lose yourself to find yourself. Like one day I was asking Hermana Swartz how she could find out who she was on her mission. She told me that you have to serve others, forget yourself and what you want and only think about God`s will and how you can help others. crazy different than what the world thinks right? They think that you need to think about what you need and want and what YOU need to learn and how YOU need to improve and YOU YOU YOU, but that's such a big fat lie. we`re happier and become MORE and learn what our divine attributes are and who we really are when we forget ourselves. God magnifies us when we`re not looking inward. Martinez taught me that we have to be empty vases (or in other words, we have to drop everything that we want or think we are) so that we can become filled with what God wants us to be. So wise ah?  

anyways i love learning from the hermanas. we visited two companionships in 2 days, but it took three days cuz we had a day of travel. well... its only supposed to take 4 hours but guess what?! PARO!!!!!!!! or STRIKE!!!!!!!!! what??? haha they have this a lot here! its normal for the people, and like everyone knew that it was going to happen i swear! except little ole naive hermana black and her comp! haha so we`re on the bus at 6 in the morning leaving abancay, everythings normal right, we have our plans for the day when we arrive to teach the people in our sector because we have to use our time wisely that we have there. so after about two hours of vueltos(this bus ride is the WORST! i seriously felt so sick after the trip home cuz its  up in the top of the mountains and there are sooooo many turns! and the bus takes them fast!!! formula for WORST CARSICKNESS EVER), we come to a complete stop. i thought that the bus driver just wanted to take a break or something(not surprising) but after about an HOUR of waiting there(my companion was sleeping) we came to realize that no, the road was blocked by PEOPLE on strike! after about a half hour more we finally got moving again only to have to stop every once in a while for the bus drive to go around TREES that were blocking the road or rocks that were put there to block our path! finally when we`re like a half hour away from cusco, we come to a complete stop again. come to find out that theres another group of people blocking the road and they`re not going to move for 3 more hours!!!! so i tell my companion we`re walking cuz we have work to do! we get out of the bus to see a huge line up of cars and buses and mass of people that are walking with their backpacks(had the same idea as us), people tell us that a taxi to get back will cost about 20 soles each person(super expensive) but im thinking its worth it cuz i was so sick of waiting by this point. we talk to some people take a short cut find a taxi(for only 10 soles) and are on our way! so funny story that my companion makes fun of me for, we pass a group of people that were all waiting for the taxi with us and one of them were friends with us on the bus and tries to signal us down so she can hop in with us, well im all tired (ended up being a 9 HOUR bus ride instead of 4!) and want to help this person and have the taxi driver stop so i start signaling and telling him to stop! well he keeps driving and looks at me like im crazy and then i hear my companion telling me to be quiet and i look at her and she has a confused look on her face to, and then it was only then when i realized that in my stressed befuddled moment i was talking and signaling fast in ENGLISH. embarrassing. haha  

well folks thats all for today! love you all lots!

Hermana Mal Black

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