Tuesday, April 30, 2013

In the CCM at last!


wow. cant believe it went that bad on the wisdom teeth! rough. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TREVOR!!!!!! i wish i could have you be here with all the latinos and make them sing to you. they all sing happy birthday in english and then join together in espanol to sing feliz cumpleanos but a different version with clapping n stuff.

Thanks so much for taking care of all my stuff at home. im sorry that i procrastinated packing until the night before and caused you all mucho mas stress than you all needed.

oh my heck! i love this place soooooo much!!!!!!!! its so nice! i found out from that guy i gave a libro de mormon to that were in the rich part of peru. its so amazing. the street outside of the ccm is like smaller than our street in front of our house, but ten times busier. we tried to catch a bus today to get to the temple this morning, and two buses had to pass us up because they were jam-packed with people!

there were 2 hermanas that i met in sl, and then we met 3 elders, and dos mas seesters. haha you have to say ´elder´with an accent. 2 sisters were in the airport who had to fly alone from pensylvania and washington! i would be scared out of my mind.

there were members in the peru airport that could speak english though that helped them. angels. in peru and 4 latino elders and one latina. it was crazy funny cuz we could not communicate with them at all.one of the latinas gave us something to try. it was good. it was sweet and was purple and goey. haha. peru is amazing. there were a lot of casinos, and little nacho libre looking pueblo housed all over. i cant help think of nacho libre all the time while im here. we have toast all the time which i sometimes have the desire to have in my cuarters. we all have been getting diarreah,(not since easters, we havent been here that long silly!). so these 2 19 year old hermanas from utah think they run this town, its hilarious. well one of them has the calling of like the sister leader calling. it was good to see a sign on our door when we arrived at 3 am that was in english from them. they just tell us how it is: we WILL get either get sick with siempres or nuncas from the food(always or nothing) think about it.

so about 50 latinos started new the next day with us. my companion and i tried to talk to some of the latinas, but it was hard, the latinos didnt even bother trying to talk to us or look at us. i didnt like it. oh btw, elder estrada didnt have his yellow fever card or immunizations. i was feeling super on top of things. ;) havent lost anything yet! (except one of my name tags.. minor details).

our first meal with everyone i was walking with my tray and a big table of latino elders stopped me and started talking to me in spanish. so im standing there with a tray of food while theyre all laughing and poking fun becuase i dont know how to speak spanish. i just laughed too. i think they were saying something about the atonement?? ha anyways i was thinking about this and decided something needed to change. i needed to be respected and known by all the latinos/as in the ccm. lets just say it worked. i have now rightfully gained the name of hermana messi as it belongs to me.

now i walk around anywhere on campus and i hear ´hermana black, hermana black!´in a spanish accent. i love joking around with all of them and saying ´tiene nada!´(you have nothing!) haha one of them came up to me and was like, whats your favorite team?(there was probably like 15 latino elders all gazing up at me with their big eyes waiting for my answer) i said i dont really watch soccer that much, they couldnt understand that. then they asked me if i liked messi or some other soccer player more. i said ´duh messi!´and it was like pulling a trigger, they all broke out in a huge argument about whos better. that was probably the only time at the mtc ive felt a little afraid for my life.

haha i could write all day about the latinos. so i taught 6 white hermanas yoga yesterday during activity time, and the latinos have kept coming up to me and ask me why i didnt play soccer. i told them i taught yoga and told them to all come do it on thursday, then next time we all have activity time together. so now everytime im in the caf or see a bunch of them i hear ´yoga en jueves?´hahahahahhahahahah i cant wait!!!!!

all the other americanos sit with eachother at meal times, me and mi cump sit with the latinos. i see enough of them all day in classes:) im actually getting way better at communicating with them. we act stuff out. the latinas are great. i joke with them all the time. they say theyll throw me out the window, i pretend like im going to put toothpaste on them, its great. on sunday my companion and i started singing hymnos with about 4 of the latinas outside and by the end we were joined with about a choir of 50. the white hermanas didnt have hymn books so it was hard to sing spanish hymns so on the spirit of God chorus we sang it in english and all the latinos stopped singing so they could listen to us. it was cool. lets just say, im a big deal here. :)

if ive learned one thing, its that prayer works. if ive learned one thing, its that prayer works. not just to have more patience, but in aiding in teaching and the gift of tounges. the second night we were here, a ym yws group of peruvians came and we were broken off into companionships to teach them as if they were investigators. aka they didnt know english and we were supposed to teach them for reals. we didnt know hardly a lick of spanish. i prayed with my companion like ive never prayed before, remembering my blessing to have the gift of tounges and that God is with his missionaries and that ive been set apart to have power. i just prayed asking the Lord that i would do my best but to pour out his spirit upon us because we didnt know spanish but we wanted to help and bless these young men and young women so help us to be able to communicate with them and bring the spirit in their lives. the gift of tounges is real. i opened my mouth in faith and tried. he understood us, sentences were put together that i didnt know how to say. i was using some words that i knew, but i had no idea how to put into sentences, and i was speaking faster than i know how. i could understand him. i just remembered my testimony and thought of things i wanted him to feel. we need to remember faith. if the lord asks us to do something, he WILL provide a way for us to accomplish it. its super scary sometimes because we cant see what will happen, but we just have to pray and trust that His promises to us are real. they are, but we wont see the fruit of that until we act, try and do. its scary not to see sometimes. trust the Lord. HE is there and He is real. I promise.

one of the latinos asked if i would say a prayer at our devotional on sunday in front of the whole ccm. of course i accpted--i got to sit on the stand! anyways i prayed and prayed that id be able to say what i wanted to in spanish cuz i was really nervous. i spoke slowly, but i felt the spirit with me. so many people came up after and were like great prayer hermana, or ive been in the ccm for 5 weeks and cant pray that good, or the mtc pres was like ´how long have you been here´? 3 days. ¨thats a miracle´.

being at the ccm has been a miracle. its beautiful, the spirit is CONSTANTLY here, and im learning so much. thanks for all the love and support i love you all so much. i took lots of pictures but of course forgot to bring my chord up here to the computer lab today. love you muchos muchos!! happy birthday again trev! remember who you are beautiful maddie and afton! tali youre cute! elisa youre my hero! mom and dad, i could not be here without you.

hasta luego!
hermana Malorie black

made it!!!

HOLA!!!!!!! I MADE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love peru!!! there are 7 sisters and 3 elders that are American that arrived last night. we got here at like 2:30 am on a nice bus. the ccm is soooo nice! I love it. Today isn´t my P day, so I only have ten minutes to write. I´ve taken lots of pictures already. oh, there were also 3 latino elders and one latino sister that arrived with us yesterday tambien. it was pretty hilarious because we were all on the bus together last night and trying to talk to eachother, didn´t really work. i was able to ask them how old they are though, so at least one thing in highschool paid off! only the latino sister is older than me out of all the girls that arrived yesterday. they´re all 19, or just barely turned 20. It was pretty crazy at the airport and arriving at the CCM because we don´t know spanish. The guy last night was telling the latino sister what to tell us, but she doesn´t know english either! haha. we got in our room so late and woke up our 2 latino roommates when we were unpacking. but they woke us up this morning when they got up at 630, we got to sleep in until 9:). it was funny because one of them was trying to say something to me and i said ´no entiendo´and she was like ´no me gusta ingles.´ haha. i almost said, ´no me gusta espanol´ but decided i needed an attitude change. so i got this mission thing in the bag! at least in english haha. well, it´s definitely the spirit helping me out and i think talking to all those people on airplanes to hawaii as well helped me a lot. on the plane ride from salt lake to atlanta me and kenzie(hermana irvine) talked to this guy that had tats all up his arms and a couple lip rings. we talked to him for like 20 minutes about his soon to be wife and step daughter, he definitely liked talking to us, and we could get him talking about lots, anyways i told him something i loved about the church was that it was so focused on families. i happened to take one of our Family:A proclamation to the world(spirit told me) and gave it to him when we left. ah..out of time, but i´ve also given away my spanish book of mormon i brought. :D anyways, love you and miss you lots! the ccm's so nice and we got like 2 meals on the airplane here. i'm living the high life! ;) will write again soon on my pday on tuesday! Hermana Mal Black

Friday, April 19, 2013

My email address

My email address is malorie.black@myldsmail.net

This will be me in the next 18 months. Just wait.


MTC and Mission Office Addresses

My MTC Address:

Sister Malorie Jane Black
Peru Cusco Mission
Peru Missionary Training Center
Centro de Capacitacion Missional
Av. Melgarejo 159, Urb. Campo
Verbe, La Molina, Lima 12

(packages shouldn't be mailed to the MTC, but send them to the mission office)
Mission Office(send packages/letters here until find out what my new address will be):

Sister Malorie Jane Black
Peru Cusco Mission
Jiron Ricardo Palma
Manzana A Lote 2 4to Piso
Urb. Santa Monica, Cusco