Sunday, October 6, 2013

Sickness, lima, leader stuff, and my old home (Sept 23)

wow! trev looks great! thanks for all of the pictures! the sombreros. hilarious. woooooooo got a boy heading to japan!!! woo! soo cool our plaques in the church too. thanks for all the pics! 

soooo this week i only had 2 days in my sector! Tuesday all of the zone leaders, district leaders in the whole mission, and us the sister leaders, had a big meeting with the president and assistants. They presented all of the changes that are going to be happening to make our mission more spiritual. Like now they`re going to be more strict about where we can go on pdays(before every pday was with our whole zone and we could pretty much go where we wanted to--even if it was outside our sector or zone. ) and other things like that to make our mission more in alignment with the white handbook. We also can`t travel in the night anymore(which i think you`ll be happy to hear mom cuz i travel a lot now), and presidents going to be having some trainings for the pensionistas to help us eat food thats more nutritious(no more potatoes and white rice for ever meal anymore!!! wahoo!!) I love our president. He`s really focused on getting the spirit more in our mission and I can tell he really loves and cares about us. It`s cool how he wants to be obedient to all of the manuals that the first presidency has given, it motivates me to be more obedient as well. I´m learning that you have to have faith to be obedient. makes sense that the first principle of the gospel is faith and the first law of everything is obedience. they go hand in hand. 

wow. speaking of obedience i am out of time! be happy though, you have a lot of pictures:) love you all so much! 

sorry its so short! love you! 

Hermana Black


finally ah? ive got some pictures of a pday in a place called ruines of tipon, last days with my other companion, first day with the new one...maybe i already sent these?? i cant remember.. i also have some of my trip to sicuani, some pictures of peru so you all can picture where i`m living, and some pictures with hermana sheets, and her companion hermana ayala, me and my comp! theres also a picture of me with the other set of sister leaders (hermana parraga is on the left) and a polynesian sister in the background that went to byu hawaii as well! shes in my zone and we`re going to be sharing an apartment with her starting in october! she`s a hoot and a holler! super funny. hahaha she always tells me i have `white girl problems` (as if shes not gringa either! ha she cant even roll her r`s!) today i was using a pen without the case cuz it broke--so like just this little skinny thing that i was trying to write with, ya..definitely a white girl problem. ha


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