Sunday, October 6, 2013

Loving every minute of my mish! (Sept 9)

Hola Familia!

haha mom. yes im eating. hahah i think im eating a little too much lately! the bread is just so yummy! the 40 day fast is of things like following the rules more closely, smiling more, serving, making sure my thoughts are always pure etc. it was an idea our asistants gave us.  yup i live with hermana sheets. its super fun. we found this p90x cd so weve been doing the ´ab ripper´ its great. :)

Ya..pretty crazy this new assignment huh? Im really excited and am loving every minute of my mish! The two senior companions have been pretty stressed though because our bishop wants more baptisms and help with the less actives. Anyways so this week we just dominated! We had ward council on sunday and he thanked us for all our hard work. awesome.. i hope it'll last, tomorrow we start traveling so we'll see!

wow. i feel overwhelmed with this calling. you have no idea! ha im supposed to be helping hermanas that have way more experience than me and can speak the language. well, i have faith in the Lord and know that He thinks I can do it, so thats all that matters. i trust Him. I feel like Ive been on fast learning mode this last week. Ive been learning what the spirit feels like and actually been following it! One time we were walking down a pasaje and i felt something special about a door passed it with my companion then told her we had to go back and knock it. what do you know? there was an inactive member that answered the door and told us he wants to come back to church but didnt know how! milagros. The lessons have been awesome this week as well, when I follow the spirit and work hard and really care about the people and think in their needs, I dont have to worry about what Im going to say..the words just come. I can never deny the milagros Ive been seeing, if anyone says Gods not real and that miracles dont

I have my first travel tomorrow to sicuani and will be going on a split with a girl that has the same amount of time in the mish as me and can speak the language better ha. I think im going to fast after lunch today for the spirit. cuz if i have that, nothing else matters. I just want to help the sisters.
My companions great. we get along. one time we were in a lesson with an old old lady whos scared of getting sick and dying from the cold water so wont get baptized. anyways i was holding up a picture of jesus knocking on the door without a handle to explain that this is her time and that she needs to let Christ into her life, and my companion said so seriously, ´you just need to knock the door´ and then paused and there was this look of confusion on her face and then we both couldnt help it but bust up laughing..we had been holding in those laughs the whole lesson cuz this lady just goes off on tangents like the whole time we teach her..hahaha so we laughed and laughed and the lady was laughing with us. great times. Im excited to travel with her tomorrow!
Yup. I think thats all this week. mas for next week! love you all!
hermana mal black

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