Sunday, October 6, 2013

New companion, New area, 40 day fast (Sept 2)

Hey!!! Wow i have been learning so much this week! i seriously am so happy right now, it’s ridiculous! The church is true, the spirit is real and by golly I’m just so happy! 

This new calling has been interesting. We`re not going to travel until next week which is good cuz i don’t feel prepared at all! There are six sister leaders in our mission right now. Right before this last change there were only four, but this change they added me and hermana sheets to be trained by one of the companionships because they will both be finishing their missions in november. It’s pretty incredible how blessed i feel because Hermana Sheets was in my district in the ccm! we were like best friends and so now we`re both in the same boat...we live together in the same house, have the same ish level of spanish and love to play soccer! haha. So amazing how the Lord blesses us so much and knows us so much. I couldn’t think of a more perfect situation. I can’t wait to meet all the sisters all around our mission!  Also been blessed with good living conditions and food, which I think has been showing recently..gained a few pounds haha but it’s going to be good because Hermana Sheets and I have started going running in the mornings. Seriously, my goal after the mish is to run a marathon because it’ll be EASY to run in the states after this thin air! haha

Well I’ve been learning a lot about pride and communication this week. The mission is amazing because we have the opportunity to learn soooooo much is condensed time. Satan is tricky. He`s good at sneaking his way in there, and if we`re not careful we can find ourselves in one of his traps.  I realized that one of my weaknesses is pride, and satan likes to use it on me. 

When we`re prideful we can`t have the spirit with us, and I`m realizing that pride comes in many different forms. One, when we think we`re better or different than other people (like not have to obey certain rules etc because they don’t apply to us`). Two, when we don`t have enough faith in the Lord to trust in the talents we have been given, or when we compare ourselves to others and call them prideful. Satan is very subtle and this week I realized that I`ve been allowing him to use some of his tactics on me.

I realized this on Friday and have started my cleansing fast yesterday to change me. I`m working on my list that the Assistants taught us about the fast for 40 days from worldly things or from habits that we want to change to have the spirit be with us more. Every morning I pray for the strength to complete my goals and in the night I have an inventory with the Lord about how I did that day. I`m doing this because I realize I need to have the spirit with me more. It’s vital to be a missionary and especially a leader. I also realize I need to love my companions and missionaries more. One thing that we cannot do is pull down other missionaries. They are our teammates in this battle against Satan. I`ve made it my goal for the rest of my mission (and life) to never talk bad about another person. It’s not worth it to pull down my teammates.
Hermana Choc is my new companion. She is 22 years old, is from GUATEMALA (wow, two of the three companions I’ve had have been from Guate!), is short, funny, and we get along great. She’s been in this area for about six months, but right now we don’t have very many investigators because we`re only in our area for about half the time with this calling. Anyways, were going to work hard and I’m excited for the opportunity to learn from her. The gift of tongues is also real and with this fast I’m seeing that the language is coming faster, like right now it’s hard for me to write in english haha.  

I love the Lord! His power is soo real! And if we`re worthy vessels He will send us His spirit. 

Much love! glad you got the package! 
Hermana Mal Black

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