Sunday, October 6, 2013

Never going to be 21 in the states (Aug 26)

Wow thanks so much for all of the birthday wishes and letters! Definitely had a great day yesterday. The members that we live with made me breakfast in the morning! It’s like this thick rice drink that’s a little sweet with crackers! I guess it’s a peruvian speciality for birthdays! then we went to church, had a special birthday lunch (steak with like a pesto pasta, yum!) with cake from my pensionista, more cake from the other sisters from the zone next door and my zone leaders, then we went to the room and packed because we moved houses today and then my companion lied to me and told me that we were going to an appointment but ended up taking me to a members house where the other sisters were that we live with and we had pumpkin pie with my name on it that you can see in one of the pictures I sent! At the night we had oreos with the peanut butter you sent me. A great birthday! I had a weird realization that I’m never going to be 21 in the states! Weird! And i did get grandmas package. thanks!
So like i said we moved houses today! We decided to because we didn’t want to inconvenience the members we´re living with and we wanted our own and its closer to the pensionista. well it doesn’t really matter because i have a cambio or a change tomorrow with change meeting. Crazy how fast time has flown! I’ve already had two companions, 12 weeks in the field, I’m finished with my training and am ready to show the Lord what I’m willing to give him!  

I just hope I can always have the spirit with me and love them always. Its incredible to be able to look back on just these past 3 months in the field and see the Lords hand in preparing me for this moment to serve. I had one of the best trainers to start off my mission, became good friends with the sister leaders and learned from them because I’ve always been so close to them (living in the same house), had a second companion that i had to lead the sector with and learn a lot about love, and now with this new opportunity i can see the things I’ve learned and where my talents are going to fit in. God knows each of us soo well its amazing.

This week I was feeling nervous and a little stressed one day without knowing why(i think it was with this new transfer that’s coming up) and took the opportunity to really pray for a while at night until i felt better. I realized that why we´re commanded to pray always is because its literally a learning experience every time. As we pray the Lord teaches us what’s appropriate to pray for and we can literally put our will in line with His as we talk to him, He shows us and guides us to what we should be doing and thinking about. It’s incredible. Every little commandment has a grand and deeper purpose. There not just there to be there, but everything in the gospel is put in place to help us come closer to the Celestial Kingdom and to live with Him again. 

Also learned that loving those who don’t love you back is a commandment and its not easy, but sooo completely worth it as well and pays off.

love the mish! love you all! have a fantabulous week!

Hermana Malorie Black

ps. Trevor. I just barely found your letter that you snuck into my bag. I bawled my eyes out and laughed and cried some more! It could not have come at a more perfect time. wow trev thanks. sooo considerate. good luck on your mish dude!

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