Friday, June 14, 2013

I made it to Cusco!


idk if you got my voicemail on dads phone, but i made it and absolutely LOVE it here! I’m realizing more and more how little spanish i know, PERO i love the feel here. There’s such a good spirit here and the people are very kind and humble. I LOVE the sister missionaries. They all seem super chevere and spiritual. I look up to all of them. I LOVE my companion. She’s from guatemala! She’s super spunky and loud. The trainers are called madres and me the hija. I thought she only spake spanish, but found out later with some smart skills of mine that she speaks english as well. I’m staying in the cusco mission so in the city. I’m actually in the president’s ward! I love the house thing I’m staying in. it has the prettiest porch view of the city lights and mountains and i found out it’s like the nicest biggest house in the whole mish. I’ve had it confirmed that God knows me so well because of my comp and where i am. The altitude is crazy! We traveled from sea level to 11,000 feet in an hour! I had pressure on my ears like all day and was super weak and felt like I had to sit down all the time. They gave us that tea stuff and most everyone else seemed to be alright, but I took it the hardest. We just chilled at president’s house most of the day yesterday to accustom to it. Today has been better. Singing is hard cuz you use more oxygen, but I’m getting used to it fast! Today is a little reunion for all the girls. Our mission pres leaves at the end of this month so his wife wanted to do something with all the sisters. So ALL 40 of the sisters in the mission came today and we’ve been chillin doing manicures and eating lasagna. I had my first peruvian mango as well. SOOOOOO GOOD! love you lots! my pdays on monday, so talk to you then! much love!

Hermana malorie

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