Wednesday, June 26, 2013

God Be With You Til We Meet Again

Wow. Lula. I’m thinking back when I said goodbye to her. So peaceful. Thanks for all of the details. She was an incredible woman. I feel so privileged to be a part of her family. I wish i could have come home and talked spanish to her though. Tuesday. wow. I was sitting in the street with my companion writing in the front of a book of Mormon for one of our investigators when someone came by and knocked on the door of the house next to us and told us that someone had died! We ended up talking to them, and going into the house and shared a message about the plan of salvation and sang God be with you til we meet again” to all the 15-20 people there. It was quite a miracle, we had people coming up to us and asking us to share more. Incredible that I sang at a funeral probably really close to the time all this was happening with Lula. There was definitely such a peaceful feeling there when we were singing. Maybe I was really singing to my great grandma.
Snap. I have no time left. Don’t kill me dad!! I told him I would have 2 pages worth of emails for him! Well, last week was long right?? This week I had to make up for not writing any of my friends last week. HAPPY FATHERS DAY DAD!!!!!!!!!! I love you soo much. My comp and i have been working with a broken marriage right now and I think I’ve always taken it for granted how awesome my family is.
I’ll send pics next week. ya miracles are happening every day. Seeing braedon was definitely a tender mercy. I love the mission so much. spanish isn’t coming as fast as I would like, but i have learned sooo much. Humility and patience. I love it. Keep up the good work everyone. Much much love.

Hermana Mal Black

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