Friday, July 26, 2013


Sorry for not emailing last week!!! my companion was doing her last interview with president on monday our normal email day, and I thought I would be able to email you all on tuesday because that was our pday this last week with transfers and all, but then I found out we can only email on mondays! Oops. Sorry. IM TOTALLY fine with the dog bite!!!! hahahahahaha now I see why they tell us not to tell our moms anything like that hahahaha. The dog didn’t even draw blood. He bit my hand while it was in my pocket, I didn’t even bruise from it. It was more startling than anything and i shared it cuz I thought it was funny/ I deserved it from having a bad attitude at the time and God works in mysterious ways to tell get us back on track. :)
Ok a few more things i would like to request if thats ok?? GREEN DRINKS!!! I get no nutrients here. haha I think i have had more french fries in the last month and a half than I’ve had my WHOLE life. But really. They eat them like we eat salad back home. Like with everything. With that and all the bread i eat-cuz it’s cheap, and all the potatoes and rice....I’m not getting what i need. It has happened before that a whole day would have passed and I’ve gotten NO fresh stuff..let alone green fresh stuff. ya green drinks would be super fabulous. More Triguard por favor. i lost two of them, so ive only been using the one. This stuff has been a life savor I’m pretty sure. I’m super healthy and i owe it to that stuff.
If you could send like marriage tips as well?? Talks or something, or activities that couples can do to better their marriage, we’ve been working with couples lately that have been going through hard times. Cool. AH! One of the new girls in my house got a birthday package and there was brownie mix in there!!! sooo goood! wow, real food. haha. If you wanted to send me something like that I wouldnt mind...:) we have a kitchen in my house so i can cook anything. ooh, I would love recipes of any kind as well. :D
Hermana Martinez promised that she would go to our house in October(maybe with Hermana Swartz and Elder Lyon if that’s ok as well??). She was incredible to me mom, please take good care of her when she comes. Like really, she really took care of me, loved me and helped me sooo much. Love her for me k? :)
Pienso que esto es todo..
Gracias gracias.
Wowo so fun! california last week! crazy that maddies driving! I still can’t get my mind around that one....Ah super lucky! I’ve always wanted to go to knottsberry! haha mom, wow I’ve never wanted american food as bad as when you emailed me EVERYTHING that you guys ate hahah. sounded amazing. :) I’m super glad. And dad, you’re an awesome example to me, thanks for your work in the ward, sounds like you are catching the vision of missionary work--work of salvation. I love it.
So I got my new companion this week! crazy no? One transfer down. She’s from Argentina and JUST FINISHED her training, knows no english, and is quiet. Needless to say she is super different than martinez. But she’s cool and she works super hard, but we haven’t been working as SMART as with martinez. aka haven’t been having lessons with members etc and in our lessons I feel like she teaches more lessons and not people(aka our lessons are similar no matter who were teaching). what’s hard for me is that i can’t communicate what i feel we should do with her very effectively. Its probably super super hard to train for her first time, right after she finished training, and with a gringa that can’t speak very well. Ah. esta bien, im learning a ton, and I’m seeing what it looks like to keep a schedule super strictly. On the bright side I have seen an improvement in my spanish in the last 5 days. Cool. I’ve had some of the hardest days so far on the mish these past few days cuz I’ve had to lead this sector aka make all our appointments show my new companion where everyone lives, make sure we get on the right buses and get to the right appointments and make good relationships with the people even though I can’t talk all while I’ve been missing martinez. I know I’m gunna have harder times in the mish though, and I’m pumped to learn. :)
So martinez left us with a baptism this saturday, but it fell through. Sigh. Her name is sami and she has her own salon. So we came by friday and she had a friend there with her which isn’t normal, but it’s happened before. Before this sami had been telling us that she was super excited and felt peaceful about her baptism, so we thought all was good right? anyways come to find out that this friend of hers is super catholic and somehow convinced sami that she wasn’t ready for the baptism, and sami told us all this while glancing at her friend every once and a while. ya hard. All we could do really was bare our testimonies with conviction about the power of prayer and that we knew that God would answer their prayers if they prayed with faith, a sincere heart, and real intent aka that they would act on their answer. The spirit was there, we’ve still been visiting sami, but no baptism.
Well life is good. I love the mission and I have seen it changing me. Let the gospel change you, work to become converted. vale la pena-its worth it. forever.

Love you all SO much its ridiculous.

Hermana Mal Black

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