Thursday, May 23, 2013

Pictures (CCM #3)

We pieced together a BUNCH of emails for the following (2 days after Mom’s day)…
Mostly info from the pics she sent.

This is my district all on the same flight to peru from georgia. There are two other girls that flew alone, so they’re not here, and we also have two more people in our district from the mtc in provo that got their visas. i wonder if i have pictures of them?

This is us at the airport in peru! The girl to the left of me is my companion. haha so this picture was supposed to have everyone that was there with us, but the lady that took the picture musta zoomed in a lot. haha

Here’s the picture i drew you mom! Sorry its dark i just barely took it. :)

 2. = freedom. that’s what across the street looks like when we get to leave on pdays. It’s pretty awesome because every single pday we get to go to the temple and then after we get to go out on the streets and go shopping for a couple more hours. We always bring extra book of mormons and pamphlets and hand them out on the crazy busses and in stores. i love it. Except it is a little nerve racking to speak to someone in spanish, because i can’t understand hardly anything they say. i bought some smiley face stickers and I’ve been handing them out to little kids on the street. I think it’s good for people to see how nice the people with name tags are.

 3. My district in front of the ccm. i love them.  jk, 3 = most of my district in front of the temple.

 Ok, this picture is great. i found out after that i wasn’t supposed to take pictures in the cafeteria, but im glad i got it! These are some of my latina girls, and you can see in the background that there’s a lot of latinos. I havent been as friendly with this last group of latinos, this time, but i was tight with all them.

 5. What the soccer field looks like from my floor. it’s nice. We got some new latinos this time around and one of the elders said that he’s never seen a girl play soccer before! They dont in peru i guess!

 6. Me in front of the ccm on a pday.

 7. Is my whole district in front of the ccm. They’re crazy. we see them all the time. we tried to do an all spanish day, because surprisingly we get spoken to in english a ton. And for like devotionals they give us translators. ya that day only lasted til lunch. it hurts my head to speak in two languages.

 8. The cute girls in my district. 3 go to byu idaho, one goes to byu. my comp goes to uvu. we took this picture while we were waiting for the bus. Ok jk it doesn’t wanna upload. So here’s another of my district on our first pday!

 10. K there’s this crazy fruit called the granadilla or something, and i love it! It has a hard shell that you can break open with your fingers and is about the shape and size of a lemon. Inside though are these crazy slimy covered seeds that taste delicious when you slurp them up! Some of the elders said they look like frog eggs so most of my district won’t eat them anymore. ha. i still do and love it!!!

 13. ok this guy in our district is awesome. elder estrada. the one that kept us in line the other day. He’s hilarious and crazy super hill billy(like lives with his family in a swamp town) haha hes going to cusco too. Anyways we were talking about the crazy food that we might have to eat and someone said we might have to have monkey brains. Now every time someone says anything about monkeys he does a creepy monkey sound and wiggles his arms. i drew a picture of a monkey holding a baby with a tentacle on the whiteboard because one night he said, ´what would you do if you just had a baby and the doctor brings it out and it has a tentacle for an arm?´ haha ya thats estrada.

On my way to peru. The sky was absolutely gorgeous. I’m lucky the plane wasn’t too full so we got to choose where we got to sit! Yes, they gave us like 3 meals on the plane. i loved every minute of it.

I gave a talk on sunday! So they have us all prepare a talk in spanish and call on us randomly to give it. the topic was on charity and they called ´hermana black´haha probably gave Michaela a heart attack, I’m surprised the other herm black didn’t give it because she leaves next week. But my talk went well! All in spanish baby!

Elder chino is one of the new latinos and he’s from bolivia! He brought me a letter from Elisa!!!! so cool. he’s a super funny kid, and he told me that Elisa’s spanish is super good! there’s actually 3 sister blacks at the ccm now that Michaela’s here, so i think it was kind of confusing for him to find me :) yes, i see Michaela all the time she lives across the hall from me. She was famous when she got here. I told everyone she was coming. :)

Ah thanks so much for the update! I’m glad you found the pin mom:) well, i don’t really wanna look for the second trigaurd, cuz all my suitcases are up on top of the closet, but I’m sure I’ll be fine. there’s been some viruses breaking out among the north americans, so my oils are being well spent. And the wonderful cough drops. muchas gracias. :)

 I’m glad everything’s going well in provo! haha i laughed out loud about that tooth fairy tali story. sooo cute. i miss that chica. Tell me what you want me to take more pictures of!!

i love you all so much! The church is so true! Today was pretty cool because they didn’t have translators for us in the temple, I love how i know exactly what’s going on, even though I don’t know all the words. The spirit is siempre the same. i feel bad for Michaela though cuz its her first time! I love that imp starting to be able to feel the spirit more and more in spanish. keep it real familia!

much love,
hermana mal black

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