Tuesday, April 30, 2013

made it!!!

HOLA!!!!!!! I MADE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love peru!!! there are 7 sisters and 3 elders that are American that arrived last night. we got here at like 2:30 am on a nice bus. the ccm is soooo nice! I love it. Today isn´t my P day, so I only have ten minutes to write. I´ve taken lots of pictures already. oh, there were also 3 latino elders and one latino sister that arrived with us yesterday tambien. it was pretty hilarious because we were all on the bus together last night and trying to talk to eachother, didn´t really work. i was able to ask them how old they are though, so at least one thing in highschool paid off! only the latino sister is older than me out of all the girls that arrived yesterday. they´re all 19, or just barely turned 20. It was pretty crazy at the airport and arriving at the CCM because we don´t know spanish. The guy last night was telling the latino sister what to tell us, but she doesn´t know english either! haha. we got in our room so late and woke up our 2 latino roommates when we were unpacking. but they woke us up this morning when they got up at 630, we got to sleep in until 9:). it was funny because one of them was trying to say something to me and i said ´no entiendo´and she was like ´no me gusta ingles.´ haha. i almost said, ´no me gusta espanol´ but decided i needed an attitude change. so i got this mission thing in the bag! at least in english haha. well, it´s definitely the spirit helping me out and i think talking to all those people on airplanes to hawaii as well helped me a lot. on the plane ride from salt lake to atlanta me and kenzie(hermana irvine) talked to this guy that had tats all up his arms and a couple lip rings. we talked to him for like 20 minutes about his soon to be wife and step daughter, he definitely liked talking to us, and we could get him talking about lots, anyways i told him something i loved about the church was that it was so focused on families. i happened to take one of our Family:A proclamation to the world(spirit told me) and gave it to him when we left. ah..out of time, but i´ve also given away my spanish book of mormon i brought. :D anyways, love you and miss you lots! the ccm's so nice and we got like 2 meals on the airplane here. i'm living the high life! ;) will write again soon on my pday on tuesday! Hermana Mal Black

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